COSMERIA of the year 2023 received the grand prize


eterrite dual protect force 50NC was selected as the grand prize winner of the


“COSMERIA of the year 2023” a Japanese cosmetics award chosen by 200,000 Asian women.


It also won an award for excellence in the UV care category.


CLEAR WHITE LOTION was also selected for the excellence award in the lotion category.


We are very pleased that so many Asian women have appreciated it.



We have received the following positive reviews from people who have used our products.


eterrite dual protect force 50NC


“Easy to blend in with the skin” “No greasiness that is common in sunscreens” “One of the most cost-effective sunscreens”





“Amazingly refreshing and moisturizing” “Dark spots faded” “One of the best toner I ever used”



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